"There's no trick in not going down the drain if you don't live in the sink. But you take a woman who makes her living where the water is sucking the weaker bugs down and she don't go down, she's twice the woman that one who never had to fight for her soul is.’ 

-Nelson Algren, Walk on the Wild Side

We are the heads barely above water; We are the non-conforming voices; We are the water bugs, the resolute survivors withstanding the floods of societal stigmas that tell us we aren't quite 'normal'.  

We are the recovering drunks, we are the medicated schizos, we are the clean addicts, the majority minority, the poor, the luckless, the single parents, the bastard children, the broken homes of all colors, creeds and compromised futures that teeter on crumbling foundations.

We are the hustlers,  we are the scammers, we are the ones with the fake smiles and listless eyes who greet you, the ones juggling a life time of being behind the eight ball, faking our way through the game just enough to not let on that we don't get the rules.  We are the ones who have been fighting the drain since we were born.  

But, In the Sink, our voices reverberate the cheap porcelain trench that keeps us down but not out.  In the Sink, our daily battle cries echo off these four walls in a defiant cacophony that refuses the drain.  In the Sink - we are heard.  And we're better than you.



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